Board of Directors

Board Membership

The Lethbridge Minor Football Association is a registered Society with the Government of Alberta. This means that we are governed by a Board of Directors and operates according to by-Laws.

Our board structure includes a President, Treasurer, and Secretary as standing positions. Also included are board positions for each of our member organizations, a SAMFA board representative and related supporting roles.

Jonas Freedman


Gwen Chadsey



Secretary & Registrar

Zach Keith

Past President

This could be you!

Director of Social Media

Ronda Nielsen

Coaldale Spartans

Dave Overes

SAMFA Board Representative

Trevor Butler

Director of Technology

Aaron Jans

Jr Cougars

Dierdra Popson

Director of Equipment

Brian Bergsma

JR Coyotes

Justin Tillery

Lethbridge Rams

Wade Kast

Jr Bulldogs

Annual General Meeting

The Lethbridge Minor Football Association holds the Annual General Meeting, as required under the terms of the By-Laws, in the beginning of each year. All parents are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting. The AGM is open to the public, but only “members” can vote. The purpose of this meeting is to present a forum whereby parents and those interested may express their ideas and concerns regarding the current football season and the upcoming season.

The Annual General Meeting provides an opportunity for the Board of Directors to:

  • Nominate and elect members to the board.
  • Review a financial report for the operation of the Association.
  • Consider changes to bylaws.
  • Provide an opportunity for persons not previously involved in the Association to gain knowledge and become involved.