Jr Cougars

We committed to sharing our football passion and help young people reach their full potential in a fun, respectful and positive atmosphere.

The Jr. Cougar Way

  1. We will determine our effort. Our effort will determine our results.
  2. We will approach our spring camp with an fall season mentality.
  3. We run from drill to drill, session to session, to water and from water. We practice like we want to play.
  4. We go hard in every drill. We are here to make ourselves better and our teammates better. We can not do that with partial effort. We will not cheat on ourselves or our teammates
  5. We are watching every rep attentively, so we can be ready to be perfect on our next rep and so we can encourage our teammates to be perfect on their next rep. If we aren’t interested in paying attention we aren’t interested in playing.
  6. After practice we ask ourselves “did I work hard enough to beat every other player on every other team i am going to play against this year?” If the answer is no then you will meet that other player one day and he will  beat you in front of everyone.
  7. We communicate continuously. Communication is critical on the field. Get used to being loud and positive continuously with you teammates.
  8. We never celebrate alone because we never make a play alone. Your teammates had to do their job to allow you to make the big play. If your teammate made a big play you probably did your job.


Please visit us at https://www.jrcougarsfootball.org 



For any additional information, contact us at:

President: Calvin Scott, calvin.scott@availcpa.com, (403) 382-6800
Treasurer: Zach Keith, zach.keith@availcpa.com, (403) 382-6800
Coaching Coordinator: Jonas Freedman, jonasfreedman@hotmail.com